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Update from the Scottish Heritage Society

We had our August meeting. I feel it was a successful one.

I would like to thank Ellen and John Dudley for coming to our meeting and hope to see them a future meeting.

We have an outline of what will will be doing for our 25th year. We will be adding more mass pipe band performances on the main field. They will still be performing in other areas also. Check out website for the schedule.

I am working on that schedule of all area of the festival, so I can post it so everyone will know when and where the performances will be.

We will be having the Opening Ceremony earlier than last year. Please keep checking our website for updates.

We are working on a couple of new places to purchase your Ceilidh tickets for $10, Games Tickets for $12 in advance and hopefully our Raffle tickets for $5. You can also purchase you Ceilidh & Games tickets from our website.

Every year we raffle of 2 tickets to Scotland. Last year the voucher was worth $2000.00. The raffle ticket are $5 per ticket. At the Closing Ceremony at 4 PM, will pick the winner of the raffle tickets. You DO NOT need to be present to win. We will contact you if you are not there.

Please contact info@sarasotahighlandgame.com if you have any questions.