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Sarasota Highland Games & Celtic Festival

Did you Know? 

  • On December 23, 1885 the Scots landed on Sarasota Bay. They came to settle in their new country 

  • Our first Mayor was Scottish - John Hamilton Gillespie 

  •  In 1886, John Hamilton Gillespie built the first 2 hole golf course 

  • In 1887, Mayor Gillespie built streets, pier and the DeSoto Hotel 

  • In 1902 the "Sarasota Village" becomes "Township of Sarasota" 

  • In 1905 Mayor Gillespie builds a 110 acre, 9 hole golf course on Links Avenue 

  • In 1913 The "Township of Sarasota" becomes the "City of Sarasota" 

  • In 1927, the Scots established Sarasota Lawn Bowling at McAnsh Park 

  • In 1958, Riverview High School founded the Riverview "Kiltie Bagpipe Band" 

  • In 1985, was the 100th Anniversary of the landing of the Scots. 

  • In 1986,  City of Glasgow sends stonework from the original Scots settles place of worship. 

  • In 1994, The Scottish Heritage Society started The Annual Sarasota Highland Games & Celtic Festival. 

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