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•In 1927, the Scots established Sarasota Lawn Bowling at McAnsh Park 

•In 1958, Riverview High School founded the Riverview "Kiltie Bagpipe Band." 

•In 1985, was the 100th Anniversary of the landing of the Scots. 

•In 1986, City of Glasgow sends stonework from the original Scots settles place

of worship. And was placed in Front of Patrick’s, that use to be downtown.

•In 1994, The Scottish Heritage Society started The Annual Sarasota Highland Games & Celtic Festival. 

•1 July 2003 the Dumfermline tartan was created. The designer was House of Edgar – Macnaughton Holdings Ltd.

This tartan for Robert Nicol of Dunfermline commemorates the twinning of the Scottish town of Dunfermline with

Sarasota, FL USA.

•In 2013, the stone from original Scot settlers was relocated to Gulf Stream Ave. The blue on the ground near the

Stonework represents where the water was when the Scots landed in 1885.

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